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spring drop-ins

HAPPY SPRING! Come in and make a tiny chair to celebrate the warming days ahead. What is your favorite flower? Or maybe Easter eggs are more inspiring? We have all the materials you need to create your vision. And we always have Eames Inspired materials waiting for you.

We have three inspiring tiny chair themes this month to choose from. Drop in and make:

  1. Easter Egg Tiny Chair

  2. Spring! All things new and green will be available

  3. Eames Inspired Tiny Chair making (an activity bag full of wonderful materials to use is sold separately).

    Saturdays: 11-3 pm

    and by appointment

Your choice—drop in during shop hours to design and create one of three tiny chairs offered this month or bring your own inspiration to build upon. Allocate about an hour to an hour-and-one-half.  Materials and tools provided; conversation encouraged.

  • 18 and younger: $10.00

  • Adults: $20

Want to schedule a customized chair experience with a group of friends, family or colleagues?

Call 720-338-9696 to discuss possibilities.